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Currently I live and work ( volunteer ) in Sandakan Sabah, Malaysia. If you have a map handy, it’s on the far northeastern part of Borneo. Population of 400 thousand plus, home to many ethnic groups that more or less co – exist in harmony. My wife a local with both Kadazan and Chinese heritage, is also a principal at one of the high schools and I must say very capable; keeping me well in line on most occasions. We met through our mutual desire to teaching English ( I know it sounds improbable, but very true) and making a long story short I moved here just over 2  years ago from Thailand where I had been for the previous 7. I’m an Australian by the way so please don’t hold that against me. Talking a lot and giving my free advice on most topics are my main strengths ( my wife begs to differ ).

Anyway enough of that; the purpose of this blog you may be asking yourself… Boredom, yes that’s right. I want to kill time by expressing myself in writing. Only half joking, mind you. I need to share some of my thoughts through short stories etc. and would love to have feedback from you, the reader, so we can exchange ideas and make ourselves better people for it. Just read the last line so I think it’s time to stop. If you would like direct contact my email is alisterthorpe@gmail.com

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  1. My thanks for following my blog. Your profile is impressive and I too am following you with immediate effect. Hopefully our interaction through blog posts should prove meaningful. My good wishes and all the best.


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